The Australian government needs to kill 2 million wild cats by next year — and it needs to try to to it by airdropping toxic sausages. There square measure presently AN calculable two to six million free-roaming cats across the country, and officers say they’re threatening native life populations.

According to the Australian government, the goal is to “reduce the impact of wild predators and increase the resilience of our native species,” as a result of cats “damage the productivity of Australia’s farming sector.” the govt. needs to kill 2 million wild cats by 2020, that it says square measure a significant contributor to the extinction of a minimum of twenty seven mammals since their introduction to the country by Europeans, presumably within the 1700s.

Part of the conceive to cull the rising cat population is to bait the cats with deadly sausages product of pouched mammal meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices and a poison referred to as 1080, that is deadly to animals, in keeping with the ny Times. The sausages square measure born from airplanes into areas with high stray cat populations. The cats allegedly die inside quarter-hour of overwhelming the sausage.
“They’ve have to be compelled to style smart,” Shane Morse told the NYT. “They square measure the cat’s last meal.” PETA Australia calls the toxic sausages “horrifically cruel”

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