10 Secrets You Didn’t know About Harry Potter Series

9 – Muggle-borns

Photo credit: harrypotter.fandom.com

At one time or another, we’ve all asked the same question about the Harry Potter universe: How do Muggle-borns get their magic? Apparently, the answer was right under our noses the whole time: They’re descended in all cases from Squibs. (harry potter 2020)

When a Squib (a witch or wizard with no ability to do magic) is born, they’re sent out to live among Muggles when it’s discovered that they have no magic in them. They marry Muggles and pass on their genes. A few generations down the line, the magic gene resurfaces and results in a magical child born to Muggle parents.

Many in the magical community assume that Muggle-borns are somehow a fluke. However, the magic gene is simply somewhat sneaky, hiding for generations before popping up unexpectedly to give some Muggle family a magic baby. Some notable Muggle-borns include Moaning Myrtle, Lily Evans (Harry’s mother), and Hermione Granger.  go to next page to see more :


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