10 Secrets You Didn’t know About Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series is absolutely riddled with secrets and unanswered questions.

How are Muggle-borns found? How do Muggle-borns even come about? Who gets accepted into Hogwarts, and why? What did Dumbledore see when standing with Harry before the Mirror of Erised? ( harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone )

Speaking of Harry, where did his enormous fortune come from? The good news is, as a bona fide Harry Potter aficionado, I have the answers to things you never even asked and I’m here to bring them right to your screen!

Here are 10 secrets of the Harry Potter universe guaranteed to satisfy.

10 – The Book Of Admittance

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Hogwarts Castle has a lot of closely guarded secrets and tricks to it—from moving staircases to false doors and to hundreds, possibly thousands, of enchanted portraits. However, the best-guarded secret (and the secret which answers a big question about the Harry Potter world) is the Book of Admittance. When a witch or wizard is born, even to Muggles, the book knows.[1]

When these children display sufficient magical talent (sometimes at birth, sometimes not until age seven, sometimes even later), the Quill of Acceptance is allowed to inscribe their names into the book, allowing them entrance into Hogwarts if they so choose.  go to next page to see more :


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